Testimonial for Shawn Aini:
Shawn has been my accountant for the past 7 years and has handled both my personal and business returns.  Shawn is the most professional and ethical person I have worked with over the years and when professionals I know need a recommendation for a accountant I always send them to Shawn.  Shawn's tax knowledge and advice has saved me tens of thousands of dollars over the years.  More importantly, Shawn is always just a phone call a way and rarely do I make major business decisions without consulting him first.  One example comes a few years back when my online marketing company was looking to acquire another online business.  After reviewing all the accounting records of the business we planned to acquire Shawn advised against the acquisition and more than likely saved our company hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I highly recommend Shawn Aini if you want a competent accountant who will give you objective feedback and help your business make the most informed decision possible.

Patrick Lundbom
Motoz Marketing, LLC


Testimonial for Shawn Aini:
Shawn is the best accountant and one of the best professionals I have ever worked with. He is an adviser to me and does both my personal and corporate tax returns. When I was looking for an accountant I left a message for Shawn on a Sunday morning expecting someone to get back to me later in the week. He called me within 10 minutes. I knew I had the professional I was looking for and have now been using his services for 3 years. He is extremely competent and customer service oriented. I highly recommend him.

James Schmidt
Green Peg